Ed Brown 1911 45acp Stainless Steel Magazines 7 Round. The classic, reliable 1911 Government 7rd magazine. A heat treated stainless steel body with steel follower and heavy duty spring provides flawless feeding. Outstanding reliability with all types of ammo, including today’s popular hollow point bullets. Each magazines includes one thick and one thin base pad and screws for each, allowing you to choose which pad you would like to install. Leave the pad off for a flush fit, install the slim pad for a low-profile, or install the thick pad for use with a magwell. Available with either a Black Nitride durable, low glare, non-reflective finish or a standard stainless steel finish.

Ed Brown 1911 45acp Stainless Steel Magazines 7 Round

Ed Brown 1911 45acp Stainless Steel Magazines 7 Round

Ed Brown 1911 45acp Stainless Steel Magazines 8 Round. Engineered as a true 8 round magazine, this magazine has all the features of the original Ed Brown 7 round magazine that has proven itself over the last century. Features that you know it should have, like a steel follower, heavy duty spring, and super-tough base pad. The magazine tube has been lengthened and the base pad wraps around securely, to properly accommodate the 8th round while keeping the original ultra-reliable follower design. The integral base pad easily removes for disassembly and cleaning of the magazine. A special finish process makes this magazine tube and follower very slick, while staying dry to repel dirt and burnt powder. This makes it super easy to load and insert i

Ed Brown 1911 45acp Stainless Steel Magazines 8 Round

Ed Brown 1911 Gov’T Model Magazines. For many years, the 1911 Government Model has been available in chamberings for cartridges other than its original .45 ACP, including .38 Super, 9mm Luger, and the potent 10mm Auto. The folks at the Ed Brown shop figure that just because your 1911 is chambered in one of these alternate cartridges shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice magazine reliability. Like Ed Brown’s .45 magazines, their alternate caliber 1911 mags have a virtually seamless body of heat-treated stainless steel, with a self-levelling STEEL – not plastic! – follower supported by a heavy duty spring with plenty of oomph to keep the round stack moving. These 1911 Government Model magazines have a welded-o

Ed Brown 1911 Gov'T Model Magazines

Ed Brown 1911 Magazine Bumper Pad. Replace a nicked or scuffed pad to present a neat appearance when magazine is seated in the gun. Original pad that comes on Ed’s 7-round magazines increases overall magazine length for positive seating, protects the magazine from damage, and makes inserting mag easier. .525″ c-to-c hole spacing; includes two, 4-40, self-tapping screws per pad.

Ed Brown 1911 Magazine Bumper Pad

Ed Brown 1911 Officer’s Model Magazines. Ed Brown’s Officer’s Model 1911 magazines are built to be as robust and reliable as the 1911 pistol itself. The mag body of corrosion-resistant stainless steel is heat-treat hardened to Rc 35 for exceptional strength. The seam is neatly TIG welded, and the body is carefully polished inside and out, so there’s nothing to snag on the magwell OR the rounds in the mag. The feed lips are engineered for reliable feeding of traditional ball ammo, as well as hollowpoints and target rounds. Officer’s Model 1911 magazines from Ed Brown have a welded-on steel base plate to minimize bulk on a concealed carry pistol. And each mag comes with a pair of screw-on rubber base pads – a

Ed Brown 1911 Officer's Model Magazines
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