Ed Brown 1911 Machined Gunsmith Beavertail Grip Safety. The Gunsmith Grip Safety is the ultimate development of the popular Ed Brown 1911 beavertail safety for the pistolsmith who wants a perfect, precise, slop-free fit of the safety to the frame. The Gunsmith Grip Safety has extra metal all the way around – a .245″ radius instead of .250″, a wider neck of .314″ instead of .308″, and .002″ extra stock per side – allowing the skilled gunsmith to remove just as much as needed to achieve an ultra-precise fit. Machined from steel barstock – not a casting Separate models for Series 70 and Series 80 1911 pistols Choose Blued carbon steel or natural silver/gray Stainless steel Exte

Ed Brown 1911 Machined Gunsmith Beavertail Grip Safety

Ed Brown 1911 Machined Gunsmith Beavertail Grip Safety, Handgun Parts

Ed Brown 1911 Machined Memory Groove Beavertail Grip Safety. The Ed Brown Machined Memory Groove Beavertail grip safety for 1911s is fully machined from stock for top quality and precision fitting. Three grooves have been machined on to a raised pad to allow the user to “feel” the correct hand position as well as assist in depressing the safety. The design also allows for the hand to maintain a deeper grip on the gun for better stabilization and recoil control.

Ed Brown 1911 Machined Memory Groove Beavertail Grip Safety

Ed Brown 1911 Tactical Thumb Safety. Thinner thumb pads with the famous Ed Brown angle and slope. Works with the natural, sweeping motion of the thumb for a faster, easier safety release. Trimmed down style is lighter and more comfortable when used on concealed carry guns or with full coverage holsters. Meets all requirements for U.S.P.S.A. Limited Class.

Ed Brown 1911 Tactical Thumb Safety

Egw 1911 Beavertail Grip Safety. Beavertail grip safety machined from solid barstock is left slightly oversized at critical points to allow the gunsmith to achieve a true custom fit. Beavertail is wider than the frame so it can be fit to the frame instead of the frame to the beavertail, and helps you ensure a snug, rattle-free fit. Overall length is longer at the bottom and the angle is a match to fill the gap between the mainspring housing and the safety. Radius is .245″ to fit frames that are pre-cut to .250″. Pin hole is finish reamed to .158″ to further improve fit and function. Large contact pad ensures positive engagement when the hand grasps the gun. .220 Radius grip safeties are made to fit Springf

Egw 1911 Beavertail Grip Safety

Egw 1911 Heavy Duty Thumb Safety. Extended thumb safety is precision machined from solid steel barstock using a state-of-the-art, four-axis CNC cutting station to ensure outstanding strength and duarability. The deeply grooved, oversized pad is ergonomically shaped to ensure natural, comfortable thumb contact and provide maximum leverage for quick, positive safety engagement and disengagement under stressful conditions. Edges are beveled or rounded to prevent abrading of the finger or snagging on clothing during the draw from concealment.

Egw 1911 Heavy Duty Thumb Safety
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