Ed Brown Front Sight Tool For Glock. Fits the small, hex head screw that holds Glock aftermarket sights in place. Makes installing replacement sights or removing sights for maintenance easier with less chance of damage. Hex shank fits Magna-Tip screwdrivers. Not for use with 6″ slides.

Ed Brown Front Sight Tool For Glock~

Ed Brown Front Sight Tool For Glock, Gunsmith Tools

Egw 1911 Auto Frame Cutter For Wilson/Nowlin Ramped Barrel. End-mill cutter helps you quickly convert a standard 1911 frame for precise fit of a Wilson/Nowlin ramped barrel. Use in a lathe or milling machine to cleanly remove the frame’s feed ramp and true up factory flaws found in many frames to allow proper contact with the barrel feet. Helps ensure a cleaner impact surface that prevents excess battering and uneven stresses on the feet for longer barrel life. Manufactured from U.S.-sourced M42 high-speed tool steel blanks for precise cutting surfaces that stay sharp. One-piece design means nothing to work loose halfway through the job. Shank is long enough to clear full-length dust covers.

Egw 1911 Auto Frame Cutter For Wilson/Nowlin Ramped Barrel

Egw 1911 Auto Plunger Tube Staking Tool. Two-piece staking tool protects the plunger tube and surrounding frame area with a block of machined Delrin while you spread the pins with the steel staking bar. Eliminates metal-on-metal contact on exterior surfaces to prevent scratches that can mar the pistol’s finish. Saves you time, too, because the staking bar has a cutout to clear the ejector, so you can stake the tube without having to remove it. The staking point is a hardened steel screw that lets you adjust the staking depth. When the point wears out, simply install a new screw to make the tool good as new. Delrin block has cutouts to support both rounded and square plunger tubes; cuts are positioned so

Egw 1911 Auto Plunger Tube Staking Tool

Egw 1911 Collar Reverse Plug Reamer. Self-piloted Reamer cuts the spring guide tunnel to the proper depth and diameter.

Egw 1911 Collar Reverse Plug Reamer

Egw 1911 Hood Length Gauge. Steel gauge fits in your slide to precisely measure the correct hood length down to a thousandth of an inch. Shows you how much to cut the first time and eliminates the time-consuming, file, fit, and file some more process.

Egw 1911 Hood Length Gauge
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