Egw 1911 Lock-Up Gauge. Aluminum gauge keeps barrel placement consistent during X”Xmill and fitX”X procedure. Hole in gauge lets you place a dial indicator on barrel to make sure that it remains in proper alignment while you check for proper lock-up.

Egw 1911 Lock-Up Gauge

Egw 1911 Lock-Up Gauge, Gunsmith Tools

Grace Usa Colt Screwdriver Set. Pre-ground, parallel tipped screwdrivers to fit specific gun screw applications. Features square shank, hardened tips, square hardwood handle, and nickel-plated ferrule. Made in the USA; limited warranty. Colt Set is a three-screwdriver set which includes a handy vinyl carry pouch. Blades are ground to fit Colt SAA trigger/hammer screws, grip screws, and grip frame screws, including most clones.

Grace Usa Colt Screwdriver Set

Grobet File Co. Of America S&W Cylinder & Hand Window Files. When replacing the cylinder stop or hand in a S&W revolver, you may have to open up the “window” in the frame to accept the new part. These double-ended, offset files, will do the job.

Grobet File Co. Of America S&W Cylinder & Hand Window Files

Harrison 1911 Extreme Service Fitting Guide. The HD-01 Fitting Guide is designed for Harrison Design beavertial grip safeties having a, .240″ radius. Thaey are made with file resistant hardened steel buttons mounted on a threaded steel shaft. Buttons are made to leave .002″ stock left on the frame tangs fror hand fitting and lapping of the beavertail to the frame tangs.

Harrison 1911 Extreme Service Fitting Guide

Harrison 1911 Frame Holding Fixture. The Harrison Design HD-807 1911 Frame Fixture gives you the helpful “third hand” you often need when doing modifications and custom work on a 1911 frame. Designed by master pistolsmith Ted Yost, who partnered with Harrison to bring it to life. The HD-807 1911 Frame Fixture slides into the magwell just like a magazine and, unlike other holders, requires no additional tools to install. You can even use it with the magazine catch already installed in the frame, so you can polish out the frame and mag catch flat at the same time – a time saver for the busy pistolsmith. Ejector can remain mounted to frame, too Fits all full-size single-stack 1911 pistol

Harrison 1911 Frame Holding Fixture
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