Brownells 18 Chamfer Cutter. Our “standard” cutter. The angle is right for jacketed bullets as well as round nose and semi-wadcutter lead bullets. It will remove most factory cuts without exceeding the maximum recommended throat diameter or creating a compound angle. Use the .38 cutter for 9mm through .41; use the.45 cutter for .44 through .45.

Brownells 18 Chamfer Cutter

Firearms 18 Chamfer Cutter, Gunsmith Tools

Brownells 1911 Auto Ejection Port Grinding Stones. We kept looking until we finally found these premium quality, smooth cutting stones to give you the ultimate combination of hardness, cutting speed and finish for shaping the ejection port roll-over notch on those tough, 1911 Auto slides. Start with the B51 stone for either the short or long style notch, then finish up with the B42 to bring the long style notch to full depth. Cobalt impregnated aluminum oxide stones cut fast but will not gouge or tear the metal. You get a smooth, ready-to-finish surface that can be polished or bead-blasted. Stones can be reground and reshaped so they last through job after job. Hardened steel shanks are nickel-plated for long life and sta

Brownells 1911 Auto Ejection Port Grinding Stones

Brownells 1911 Barrel Alignment Block. Milled lug slot holds the barrel square in the slide for precise fitting of the hood to the bolt face slot. Provides a quick visual check for hood fit that eliminates time consuming assembly/disassembly for hood fitting. Fits between the slide rails to prevent barrel twist. Aids lockup and accuracy. May require minor fitting to slide.

Brownells 1911 Barrel Alignment Block

Brownells 1911 Barrel Alignment Gauge. Valuable barrel fitting aid for the gunsmith and a great X”Xused gunX”X checker for the dealer. The rod slides down the barrel and the centered tip drops into the firing pin hole on a properly-fitted factory barrel. A little layout fluid on the breech face shows exact alignment.

Brownells 1911 Barrel Alignment Gauge

Brownells 1911 Barrel Locking Lug File. Precision, surface-ground file deepens barrel locking lugs without increasing width. Safe on two sides to let the gunsmith file to a close fit with no chance of widening lug area. #2 cut, Swiss pattern cuts smoothly; little or no additional stoning/polishing is needed.

Brownells 1911 Barrel Locking Lug File
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