Brownells 1911 9mm Magazines. The second generation Brownells 1911 magazines combine heavy duty construction with the reliability you’ve come to expect from a century old service weapon. The body and follower are constructed from heat treated stainless steel, with witness holes for a fast round count. Xylan exterior coating provides corrosion protection, as well as a slick, friction reducing finish. The anti-tilt follower is mated with an extra-power spring. The removable polymer base pad allows easy disassembly, as well as drop protection when changing magazines on the fly.

Brownells 1911 9mm Magazines

Firearms 1911 9mm Magazines

Brownells Extended Slide Release Pack. The PMAG 17 GL9 is a 17-round magazine featuring durable polymer construction, paint pen dot-matrix for labeling, tool-less floor plate removal for ease of maintenance, and a visible capacity indicator hole on the body. The PMAG 17 GL9 is compatible with all full-size 9mm Glock handguns, as well as compact and sub-compact variants with some protrusion below the grip. Drop-in replacement for factory slide release lever has a much larger finger pad and a trapezoid-shaped bump that help ensure you release the slide fast, on the first try, after a reload. Saves precious seconds that can be lost making multiple swipes to release the slide and chamber the next round. Low profile and smooth

Brownells Extended Slide Release Pack

Colt 1911 9rd 38 Super Magazines. Genuine Colt replacement magazines, manufactured to factory specifications for reliable fit and function. Long-wearing, hardened steel followers last indefinitely. Full power, tempered steel springs retain the correct energy even if left fully loaded for extended periods of time. The most reliable choice for duty and self-defense use.

Colt 1911 9rd 38 Super Magazines

Cz Usa 2075 Rami Magazines. Factory magazines for the CZ RAMI handgun. Available in 9mm & 40 S&W.

Cz Usa Cz 2075 Rami Magazines

Cz Usa Kadet 22lr Magazine. For the CZ75, for the .22LR cartridge in the ten round capacity.

Cz Usa Cz Kadet 22lr Magazine
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