Brownells 1911 Hammer Squaring File. Our specially designed, two-sided, square file greatly simplifies trigger jobs by establishing the required, precise, 90deg, hammer hook angle. Saves those easily-worn stones for setting hook heights and putting on the final polish. Safe on two sides, cannot damage hammer, and safe to use with the various hammer/trigger sear jigs. Keeps its sharp corners and dead flat edges, even after extended use. Available with or without plastic handle .

Brownells 1911 Hammer Squaring File

Firearms 1911 Hammer Squaring File, Gunsmith Tools

Brownells 1911 Checkering Guide. Clamps over the frame of a 1911 Auto to provide a solid guide for getting the front strap checkering lines started correctly. Sets up 60deg or 90deg diamonds. Long enough to allow a good, long, contour-following stroke on the Checkering File.

Brownells 1911 Checkering Guide

Brownells 1911 Lug Cutter. Hand operated, carbide cutter easily trims excess material from the bottom barrel lug when fitting custom or factory barrels to 1911 Autos. Cuts barrel lugs parallel, and with the correct height and radius, to help produce the best possible lockup. Use .186″ cutter first, then progress to the .195″ cutter if more material needs to be removed. Follow with careful hand fitting to achieve a firm, non-binding barrel-to-slide fit. Start small and check your work often. It is possible, with some slide/barrel combinations, that the .195″ cutter could remove more material than necessary. Fits all 1911 Auto, Commander and Officers ACP, single- and double-stack frames.

Brownells 1911 Lug Cutter

Brownells 1911 Lug Fitting Kit. Three essential tools work together to help you successfully fit oversized barrels. The Barrel Holder locks the barrel in the slide to let you cut the excess material on the lugs with the included, carbide Barrel Lug Cutters. Plus, the Slide Pusher holds the slide forward to put a consistent pressure on the barrel while cutting. Comes in a convenient case.

Brownells 1911 Lug Fitting Kit

Brownells 1911 Lug Iron. Quickly, accurately removes wear flanges and machining ridges from the slide lug area of 1911 Autos. Ensures a precise fit, reduces barrel friction and improves accuracy.

Brownells 1911 Lug Iron
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