Brownells 1911 Magazine Well Filler. Fits inside and fills the magazine well to help prevent distortion caused by vise pressure.

Brownells 1911 Magazine Well Filler

Firearms 1911 Magazine Well Filler, Gunsmith Tools

Brownells 1911 Pin Hole Reamers. Hardened steel, fluted reamers true-up pin holes in 1911 frames to help ensure a tight, smooth-operating pistol. Ideal for correcting out-of-round and under-size pin holes. Hand-filling polymer handles give you a secure purchase to transmit maximum torque smoothly and evenly to the hole. A must-have for building custom pistols.

Brownells 1911 Pin Hole Reamers

Brownells 1911 Polishing System. Polish rough or scored revolver chambers smooth and friction-free in only minutes to cure many extraction problems. Machine marks on semi-auto pistol spring “ways” disappear for smoother, faster hammer fall and improved cycling. Use Flex-Hone Oil Only. View Flex-Hone PDF Here

Brownells 1911 Polishing System

Brownells 1911 Rail Swaging Punches. Puts downward swaging pressure directly onto the frame rails and not on the frame. Giant steel punches with specially machined steps prevent overpeening and crushed frame rails. Single or Double design allows tightening only the specific rail area required for closer frame-to-slide fit.

Brownells 1911 Rail Swaging Punches

Brownells 1911 Sear Stoning Fixture. Easy-to-use, hand-held tool retains the sear and positions it so you can stone the contact surfaces at the correct angles to produce a smooth, clean-breaking trigger free from unwanted creep. Helps you produce precise, mirror-finish surfaces for complete, full-width contact with the hammer to ensure reliable ignition while preserving proper operation of the thumb safety. Raising or lowering the fixtureX’Xs setscrew lets you change sear angle. Fixture body is machined from solid carbon steel for years of service without loss of alignment. Includes a hardened, stainless steel .020″ thick shim that prevents you from removing too much material from the sear, and protects the fixture body from wear

Brownells 1911 Sear Stoning Fixture
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