Brownells 1911 Slide Fitting Bars. Surface ground and hardened tool steel bars in ten thicknesses – Recommended by agency armorers and top pistolsmiths as the most accurate way to remove vertical slide “play” from the 1911 Auto, its variations and copies. May be slower than the quick-and-dirty methods, but gives an infinitely more accurate and professional job. Basic procedure as follows: Measure gun’s slide rail thickness; place closest-sized Slide Fitting Bar in frame “way”; tap frame rail with light hammer to close the “ways” space down to match the slide rail thickness. Complete instructions included.

Brownells 1911 Slide Fitting Bars

Firearms 1911 Slide Fitting Bars, Gunsmith Tools

Brownells 1911 Slide/Frame Rail File. Clean up and square slide rails with one side of this file, turn it over and deburr or enlarge the rail channels with the other. Specially ground, stepped file does the job of two or more separate files and the safe edges make sure that only the areas that need to be cut, get cut. Simplifies, speeds up and adds precision to slide fitting work.

Brownells 1911 Slide/Frame Rail File

Brownells 1911 Stock Taps. 1911 Auto Stock Taps are high speed steel. 1911 Bushing Tap, 1911 Screw Tap .

Brownells 1911 Stock Taps

Brownells 1911 Vise Jaws. Multi-position, aluminum vise jaws with one horizontal and three, vertical “V”s, firmly hold 1911 Auto barrels without damage. Powerful, magnetic strip keeps the jaws in place, removes easily in seconds. Also holds cylindrical parts.

Brownells 1911 Vise Jaws

Brownells 2011 Auto Magazine Well Filler. Fits inside and fills the magazine well to help prevent distortion caused by vise pressure.

Brownells 2011 Auto Magazine Well Filler
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