Brownells Colt Crane Bushing Tool. Fits over ejector rod and down into the cylinder to reach and remove the Crane Bushing from Colt revolvers. Fits Colt Python, Trooper, Officers’ Model, Official Police, Marshall, Cobra, Agent, Police Positive, Detective Special and Pocket Positive.

Brownells Colt Crane Bushing Tool

Firearms Colt Crane Bushing Tool, Gunsmith Tools

Brownells Colt Saa Action Wrench. Aluminum heads completely enclose those fragile, single action frames to help eliminate expensive frame damage.

Brownells Colt Saa Action Wrench

Brownells Cylinder Polishing System. Polish rough or scored revolver chambers smooth and friction-free in only minutes to cure many extraction problems. Machine marks on semi-auto pistol spring “ways” disappear for smoother, faster hammer fall and improved cycling. Use Flex-Hone Oil Only. View Flex-Hone PDF Here

Brownells Cylinder Polishing System

Brownells Magazine Tool For Glock. Specialized pliers allow Glock owners to remove the base pad from factory magazines without gouging or cracking the plastic. Small crimping tips contact the magazine precisely above the locking tabs. Hardened, steel handles feature the correct geometric curvature to prevent over-compression of the magazine sidewalls. Once compressed, simply slide off the base pad. Rubber sleeves provide a positive grip. Wear eye protection when removing magazine base pads.

Brownells Magazine Tool For Glock~

Brownells Mainspring Housing Pin Tool. Makes removing the 1911 Auto mainspring housing pin a snap. Round, plastic handle fits your palm nicely, one “rap” and the pin is out. Speeds any disassembly/reassembly job, whether doing repairs or using the “stone and try” method for trigger pull work. Fits all 1911 Autos.

Brownells Mainspring Housing Pin Tool
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