Brownells Revolver Action Wrench Heads For S&W. Our Revolver Action Wrench completely surrounds and supports the frame with special no-mar aluminum heads to prevent twisting and gouging. Heads fit existing Brownells Action Wrench System handle or start with the complete unit shown here and then add other handgun and rifle heads as needed.

Brownells Revolver Action Wrench Heads For S&W

Firearms Revolver Action Wrench Heads For S&W, Gunsmith Tools

Brownells Ruger Action Wrench. Aluminum heads completely enclose those fragile, single action frames to help eliminate expensive frame damage.

Brownells Ruger~ Action Wrench

Brownells Ruger Sa Center Pin Latch Tool. Engages both slots in the base pin nut on Ruger single actions so you can take the latch apart easily. The “teeth” are fragile; use this tool to hold the nut, turn the screw. Sorry, no breakage guarantee.

Brownells Ruger~ Sa Center Pin Latch Tool

Brownells Sa Revolver Double-End Base Pin Puller. Robust tool gives you enough length and leverage to remove even the most stubborn pins without marring the frame. Double-ended tool precisely fits Ruger revolvers on one end and Colts on the other, so base pins on the most popular cowboy guns can be pulled with one convenient tool.

Brownells Sa Revolver Double-End Base Pin Puller

Brownells Semi-Auto Pistol Compensator Tap. Use die to thread custom and standard barrels to accept recoil compensators. Use plug tap to chase threads or tap your own custom compensators. Unthreaded comps should be drilled with 3-5/64″ HSS drill then reamed to .551″ before threading with either tap. Turn barrels to approximately .002″ smaller than thread diameter. .575″-40 thread matches most commercial, tapered-sleeve or integral, cone-style comps. .581″-40 thread is same as used on Wilson, Brown and Storm Lake Machine barrels and bushing style comps. .685″-40 thread is used to fit compensators to threaded Bull and Hybrid barrels.

Brownells Semi-Auto Pistol Compensator Tap
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