Brownells Single Action Gas Ring Stretcher. Hardened steel jaws swage and lengthen the gas ring for a tighter frame-to-cylinder fit on single action revolvers. Corrects extreme cylinder wear or stretched frames; improves the fit, function and accuracy. Also helps diminish excessive head space caused by chambers that are cut too deeply. Requires only a heavy duty bench vise; no need for expensive machining or lathe work. Fits Ruger single actions with 1/4″ diameter base pin. May be adapted for use on Colt 3rd generation and other cylinders with integral gas ring.

Brownells Single Action Gas Ring Stretcher

Firearms Single Action Gas Ring Stretcher, Gunsmith Tools

Brownells Squib Rod. Don’t let a stuck bullet from a “squib” or weak load cut short a shooting session. Far superior to other rods or makeshift punches, this non-marring brass rod fits the bore closely, can’t wedge between bullet nose and rifling. Each rod is drilled and tapped to thread onto a Dewey cleaning rod; very handy for knocking stuck bullets out of rifle barrels.

Brownells Squib Rod

Brownells Stuck Case Puller. Works when other pullers fail, even if the case rim is partially sheared away. Sturdy, steel collets tightly grip around the entire circumference of the case rim. Slide hammer uses straight-back inertia to safely remove stubborn, stuck cases. ?Will not fit AR-15 and requires a .700 bolt diameter or larger to work.

Brownells Stuck Case Puller

Brownells Yavapai 1911 Sear Tool. Developed by the gunsmithing program at Yavapai College to help their students learn the correct angle of hammer/sear engagement required for achieving a light, clean-breaking, match-quality trigger on the 1911 Auto. Precision-machined tool incorporates a roller-type, sear stoning fixture that allows incremental cutting of both primary and secondary sear angles plus, a 20 power magnifier for detailed, up-close examination and precise changes in individual hammer/sear engagement.

Brownells Yavapai 1911 Sear Tool

Brownells Yoke/Crane Alignment Tool. Because both Ruger and S&W’s lock at the front and rear of the extractor rod, even a slightly bent one can cause difficulty in lockup and will impair smooth operation, especially for double-action shooting. These tools will enable the gunsmith to more easily and precisely align the crane in a matter of minutes without “guesswork”. Precision ground and hardened to within .0005″ on all critical dimensions to assure the ultimate in accuracy. Full instructions with each tool. Hardened to Rc 52-54 to maintain exact specs.

Brownells Yoke/Crane Alignment Tool
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