Brownells Yoke/Crane Reamer. Removes all burrs and roughness from inside the Ruger “Six” Series D.A. and S&W K/L/N crane. Also restores crane to proper dimensions after “stretching” to eliminate endshake.

Brownells Yoke/Crane Reamer

Firearms Yoke/Crane Reamer, Gunsmith Tools

C B Giornesto The Glok Blok For Glock. Solid, high-strength vise block holds Glock pistols securely for easy cleaning and maintenance. Keeps both hands free for detailed, precision work and helps eliminate the chance of dropping the pistol and causing damage. Slides into the mag well and locks tight using the factory latch without marring or scratching. Durable, polymer composite construction is resistant to most solvents. Fits all 9mm and .40 caliber Glock pistols. To ensure a snug fit in your pistol, the ridge on the back of the stem may need to be filed down.

C B Giornesto The Glok Blok For Glock~

Ed Brown 1911 Beavertail Installation Jig. Neat little jig “buttons” show you just how much of the frame ears to mill/grind away when installing Ed’s Beavertail Safety. Just drop in the thumb safety pivot pin hole, scribe around, grind/mill close, then hand file right down to the hardened button. Includes instructions.

Ed Brown 1911 Beavertail Installation Jig

Ed Brown 1911 Mainspring Housing Installation Jig. Quickly and easily locate new frame hole for bobtail housing

Ed Brown 1911 Mainspring Housing Installation Jig

Ed Brown 1911 Sear Jig. Contoured design fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, holds sear at the correct angle for precise stoning. Adjustable positioning screw lets you make exact sear angle changes to increase or decrease trigger pull weight. Use with 6″x 1/2″x 1/2″ stones to achieve a mirror smooth finish for a clean, crisp letoff. Includes complete instructions and .020″ shim.

Ed Brown 1911 Sear Jig
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