Power Custom Universal Extractor Rod Wrench. Easy to use tool enables fast removal and reinstallation of screw-in extractor rods from double action revolvers without damage to rod or cylinder yoke. Specifically designed for Smith & Wesson J/K/L/N frame models and Ruger Security-Six and Speed-Six, but will work on almost any similar screw-in rod. Just slide the extractor rod into the correct-size grooves on the tool, close the tool halves around the rod by tightening the two hex head bolts on either side of the rod using the included Allen wrench, and simply unscrew the rod with the tool while holding the cylinder. Grooves are precision machined to provide complete, 100% contact with the rod. Tool body of 6061 T6 aluminum is strong e

Power Custom Universal Extractor Rod Wrench

Power Universal Extractor Rod Wrench, Gunsmith Tools

Real Avid 4-In-1 Tool For Glock . The Real Avid 4-in-1 Tool for Glock is sleek, ergonomic, and packed with function-in every way a thoroughly modern armorer’s tool for Glock owners. Four different tools store inside the handle and each snaps open and locks in place with the push of a button. Remove pins for disassembly, change out front sights, remove slide lock spring and locking block and adjust aftermarket rear sights.

Real Avid 4-In-1 Tool For Glock(R)

Rimfire Gunworks Colt Saa Base Pin Puller. Hardened steel bar hooks into the groove in the head of the base pin to gently pull pins out of frame without marking pin or frame. Fits Colt, and some clone, or Ruger factory pins.

Rimfire Gunworks Colt Saa Base Pin Puller

Starrett 1911 Slide Rail Micrometer. For match level accuracy, slide-to-frame fit on 1911-style au- tos must be closer than a gnat’s whisker. This specially modified Starrett mike precisely measures the thickness of the slide’s “rails”. Makes choosing the correct slide fitting bar quick and accurate. No guesswork. Take measurement at three points along the slide, average readings together, and select a slide fitting bar .001″ to .002″ thicker.

Starrett 1911 Slide Rail Micrometer

Strike Industries All In One Tool For Glock. The Strike Industries Glock all-in-one tool features all appropriate sizes of pin punches, sight removal tool and base plate removal key in one compact unit. What makes us stand above the rest is our base plate opener function; users no longer need a complicated tool to open their magazine base pate; this tool will allow you to open the base plate in T-3 seconds. This tool features a compact design creating ease of storage while it’s all steel construction will stand up to any abuse derived from wear and tear or just being tossed into a range bag. Light, efficient, and convenient; it compliments any serious Glock owner. Product Spec Length: 2.85″ Width: 1

Strike Industries All In One Tool For Glock~
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