Pro Mag Drum Magazine .40 S&W For Glock 22/23. Owners of .40 S&W Glock pistols who feel left out of the extended magazine craze on the market that seems to focus on only 9mm guns now have a new option in the form of this Glock 22/23 Drum Magazine. Just like the company’s 9mm option, this drum holds 50 rounds of .40 S&W. Each Glock 22/23 Drum Magazine is built using a proprietary Zytel polymer, which gives it added strength and durability, so it’ll last through years of range time. To reinforce this already-durable design, the magazine features an upper tower constructed with a full-length steel insert that’s stamped and welded, just like those found on OEM Glock magazines. This Glock 22/23 Magazine also i

Pro Mag Drum Magazine .40 S&W For Glock~ 22/23

Pro Mag Drum Magazine .40 S&W For Glock 22/23

Pro Mag Drum Magazine For Glock 17/19 9mm. 50-round drum magazine Fits the Glock Model 17 & 19 9mm pistols Magazine body constructed of a proprietary DuPont Zytel based polymer Injection molded magazine follower Magazine spring formed from heat treated chrome silicon wire Made in U.S.A.

Pro Mag Drum Magazine For Glock~ 17/19 9mm

Pro Mag Drum Magazine Polymer 9mm For Glock 48/43x. Glock upped the capacity of its small self-defense guns with the launch of its G43X and G48 pistols, giving users a stagger-stack magazine design loaded with more rounds. Now, Pro Mag is giving those same Glock owners a chance to have even greater magazine capacity, thanks to the company’s drum magazine designed for the guns. This Pro Mag Glock 48/43X Drum Magazine is made using a proprietary type of Zytel-based polymer originally made by DuPont. The housing is made from this material, while the upper feed tower features a carbon-steel lip reinforcement that’s overmolded to aid in durability and lubricity. The drum is completed with an injection-molded magazine follower that

Pro Mag Drum Magazine Polymer 9mm For Glock~ 48/43x

Pro Mag Fn Five-Seven 30rd 5.7x28mm Magazine. Rugged, lightweight polymer magazine increases the capacity of your 5.7 x 28mm FN Five-seveN pistol by an additional 10 rounds over the factory mag. Extension is contoured for a smooth, seamless fit to the bottom of the mag well, with exterior texturing that matches the pistol grip’s texturing.

Pro Mag Fn Five-Seven 30rd 5.7x28mm Magazine

Pro Mag H&K Vp9 Steel Magazine 9mm. In a market dominated by polymer-frame, double-stack, duty-size 9mm handguns, one of the most popular options out there is the Heckler & Koch VP9, which provides shooters with a few enhancements over other options on the market, such as its enhanced trigger. Practice makes perfect with these guns, though, and this 17-round, all-steel magazine provides an additional loaded mag for training and daily carry. Each HK VP9 steel magazine has a carbon-steel magazine body that’s heat-treated and finished with a black-oxide treatment. This steel body provides the durability that today’s handgun owners are looking for in a carry-ready magazine. Inside the HK VP9 steel magazine

Pro Mag H&K Vp9 Steel Magazine 9mm
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