Tangodown Magazine Release Tool For Glock. Now you can keep that magazine well pristine and working like a combat pistol should with our GMRT-01 tool. Its specially formed tip is shaped to release the magazine release spring with maximum bite and leverage. You’ll notice the rounded tip is also highly polished stainless steel, that can’t damage the mag well or mag releasea |ever. The ergonomic handle is also stainless steel for long, corrosion-free service. Also works on any pistol with Glock-style magazine release, such as Smith & Wesson M&P, etc. The ultimate Glock tool for gunsmiths, armorers & shooters that have multiple mag release installations in one sitting or for detailed regular mainte

Tangodown Magazine Release Tool For Glock~

Tangodown Magazine Release Tool For Glock, Gunsmith Tools

Track Of The Wolf Mainspring Vise. New improved design makes it much easier to compress tough mainsprings with two rotating, adjustable jaws that screw down securely. Adapts to angle of spring, spreads compression evenly over the entire spring area and is perfect for installing X”XVX”X springs in shotguns and muzzleloaders. Wide turnkey allows you to use your thumb and index finger to really squeeze tough springs down without the need for makeshift tools.

Track Of The Wolf Mainspring Vise

Weigand Combat 1911 Extractor Tensioning Tool. Easily puts just the right bend in the extractor, without over-bending, for precise tension adjustment, right to the ounce. Use in conjunction with the Weigand Extractor Tension Gauges to fine tune the extractor for optimum extraction and feeding reliability. Carry in your range bag to keep the extractor performing its best.

Weigand Combat 1911 Extractor Tensioning Tool

Weigand Combat Extractor Tension Gauge Set. Allows the gunsmith or shooter to accurately measure extractor/shell rim tension to help achieve reliable case feeding, extraction and ejection. Place the double-ended gauge between the breech face and the extractor. Hook your 6 lb. trigger pull gauge through the Tension Gauge’s hole and gently pull until the Gauge releases from the extractor. The trigger pull gauge shows exact amount of rim tension.

Weigand Combat Extractor Tension Gauge Set

Apex Tactical Specialties Fnx 45 Magazine Base Pad Black. The FNX Magazine Base Pad Extension adds two and a half rounds to the existing standard capacity magazine for the FNX 45 model pistols. “Why is it 2.5 rounds, not 2 and not 3?” you ask? The Apex Tactical mag extension leaves enough space for 2 additional rounds to be loaded, but also enough space for the stack to further compress the magazine spring to allow a fully loaded magazine to be seated with the slide in battery. Expected Results: 1) Adds 2.5 rounds of additional capacity to your magazine. 2) Maintains function of the slide lock after the last round is fired. 3) Finger grooves on the perimeter and front corner finger grooves make gripping

Apex Tactical Specialties Fnx 45 Magazine Base Pad Black
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